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Welcome to Paul Starke Racing Official website bringing you news and information about British speedway rider Paul who races in the 2018 speedway season for the Glasgow Tigers in the SGB Championship League from March to the end of October after a move from racing for Peterborough 'Panthers' in 2017. Fixtures and results are updated as they happen. Paul will be releasing news about a Premiership team place once his club has given the go ahead.

Speedway is a motor-sport where four riders go head to head on a four lap race around a oval track made of shale. They have a 500cc engine and weigh just 75kg which makes them faster acceleration that a F1 car. To top it off they have no brakes! The sport involves travelling up and down the country on a daily basis to compete at different venues across Great Britain and parts of Europe.


  • Tony Starke (Chief Mechanic) - Dad and ex-grasstrack rider
  • Gary Ball (Mechanic) - Gary Ball Racing
  • Brian Karger (Engine Tuner)
  • Phil Crump (Engine Maintenance)
  • Speedway Portal (Media Channel)
  • iT Rocks Marketing (Website)


Fixtures for Glasgow Tigers

Glasgow Tigers

Next Tigers Home Fixture:


'Tigers' vs TBC

SGB Championship

Next Tigers Away Fixture:


TBC vs 'Tigers'

SGB Championship

Glasgow Tigers

Fixtures for Poole Pirates TBC

Poole Pirates

Next Pirates Home Fixture:


'Pirates' vs TBC

SGB Premiership

Next Pirates Away Fixture:


TBC vs 'Pirates'

SGB Premiership

Poole Pirates

(Please see Club fixture and results pages for full season information).



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