Paul’s first entry into speedway was to race for Birmingham Bulls and Swindon Sprockets in the Academy League during 2007 which led to a place in Buxton’s team that year. He then moved to have a spell with Plymouth where he was part of the successful Devils team that won the National and Conference League Trophies in successive years together with the Knock-out Cup.

Spells with the Isle of Wight, Rye House and Berwick followed. In more recent times Paul has played a significant role in helping Cradley, Somerset, Poole and Peterborough to win major honours.

DATE OF BIRTH: 18 November 1990, Hereford, Herefordshire.

BRITISH CAREER: (2007) Buxton; (2008-09) Plymouth; (2010) Plymouth, Rye House, Isle of Wight; (2011) Isle of Wight; (2012) Isle of Wight; (2013) Berwick, Dudley; (2014) Birmingham, Somerset, Cradley; (2015) Poole, Somerset; (2016) Leicester, Somerset; (2017) Somerset, Peterborough.

CLUB HONOURS: Conference Trophy winner: 2008 (Plymouth); Knock-Out Cup winner: 2008 (Plymouth), 2013 (Dudley], 2014 [Cradley), 2015 (Somerset); National Trophy winner: 2009 (Plymouth); National Shield winner: 2013 (Dudley), 2014 (Cradley); League Championship winner: 2013 (Dudley), 2014 (Cradley), 2015 (Poole); Four-Team Championship winner: 2013 (Dudley), 2014 (Cradley); Premier Shield winner: 2014 (Somerset), Elite Shield winner: 2015 (Poole), British Final 9th: 2016 (Belle Vue), Elite League Riders Championship 9th: 2016 (Coventry), Premier League Winner: 2016 (Somerset), Championship Four-Team winner: 2017 (Peterborough), KO Cup Final winner: 2017 (Peterborough).

RIDER LINKS: Son of Tony Starke (born: 7 December 1965, Hereford, Herefordshire).

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