Sponsorship opportunities with Paul Starke Racing for the 2018 season start at very affordable prices with help for spares and maintenance etc and work the way up to title sponsor. Everything is negotiable please contact Paul for more information and chat through the finer details.

In return for your support, your company logo will be displayed on the Paul Starke Racing bike covers and Kevlar's which can be seen racing on the Premiership and Championship League circuits around the country and of course throughout this website.

Paul Starke Racing receive media coverage via numerous Internet websites, the sports weekly publication Speedway Star and numerous tabloid newspapers throughout the country as well as appearances and interviews on BT Sports Speedway.

Speedway is a very expensive sport to remain competitive so any support receives a warm welcome from Paul. If you would like a breakdown of a few basic speedway parts that your company could sponsor, please do not hesitate to contact Paul.

Many thanks for taking the time to look through the Paul Starke Racing website; Paul said "I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my sponsors listed on the right and the left for sponsoring me for this 2018 speedway season, I hope to see you at one of the many tracks around the country during the season."

Thanks very much.

Paul Starke

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